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A few months ago, I came up with the idea of creating a Beer blog targeting beer drinkers in Bangalore, India. The city has always been known as a pub city and within the last five years has seen several brewpubs spring up. Most people here are used to drinking lager in draught or bottle/can form and exposure to craft brew styles and imports has been quite minimal except for now.

The problem I have with restaurant review apps is that users tend to focus more on food rather than brews when doing a brewpub review. This is really not helpful to any craft brew fan. Additionally because of exposure mainly to lagers, most people do not have a proper understanding of other brew styles.

I’ve decided to start publishing material on a regular basis focusing on the brewing process and it’s history, beer styles, food pairing, beer trivia, beer news and finally the most important of them all brewpub reviews.

Cheers and I hope to share a pint with Β you soon!


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