Thank you Frothy Fans for attending – we had a great time – pictures and an article will be published shortly. Cheers! 30 people came out – made a lot of ruckus, drank a lot of beer and got an education. #HoppyTimes with a #Hoppy Ending!

Want to know more about Beer?
What: Beer Workshop

When:  Sunday, May 10, 2015 – 2pm to 6pm

Where: Social Offline, Church Street

I’m teaching the basics of beer in a fun-filled environment – laugh and learn

It’s 2015 and time to abolish #BeerRacism and fill your mind with #Hoppy Thoughts instead and be a part of the #BeerRevolution.

Join us, as we dive into the world of Beer:

Historical Roots
Deconstructing Froth
Constructing Froth
Beer Varieties – No Racism Here
Tasting Froth
Beer Culture & Beer Power (For Boys and Girls)
Beer & Food – A love Story
Frothy Cocktails
Crazy Beer Games
Crazy Beer Tricks
Crazy Giveaways
Crazy New Friendships
Viva La Revolucion

What are you waiting for? Wake Up And Smell The Hops!

Registration Fees: INR 500
Seats limited to 30 people -SOLD OUT!!!

Social Beer Workshop Creative


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