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Updated:  December, 2017 (frequently updated)

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Bangalore has been a pub capital for decades and Craft Beer in the form of brewpubs began springing up in the city in 2010. Since then the number of brewpubs has grown to over 30. Having visited several brewpubs since I returned to Bangalore in early 2014 there are quite a few that have consistently great brews, innovative recipes, great ambiance and service.

Out of the  all the brewpubs in the city, these are my Top, Mid and Bottom Tier  recommendations by location.

  • Central – MG Road, Indiranagar/Old Airport, Koramangala/Sarjapur
  • South – Jp Nagar
  • East – Old Madras Road/Whitefield
  • West– Malleswaram
  • North – Sahakaranagar/Jakkur/Yelehanka

Please Note

To keep things fair, negatives have been included. You will find a complete listing of ALL the brewpubs towards the tail end of the post.

Brewbot Flight

Sampling – Please make sure you understand how to sample a Beer. My blog post on sampling should help you understand the basics including off flavors – you can read that here.

Off Flavors – Even your best brewpubs may the run the risk of producing an off batch for various reasons – equipment issues, raw material quality, the inability to cope with demand and so forth.

Tips – Please take time to understand what off flavors are and should you come across a Beer you feel that is off and isn’t what it ought to be, bring it to the management’s attention.See what they have to say before passing judgement. It is your right as a paying customer to have the a premium quality artisanal ale or lager after all!

If you are stuck for choices, drop me a note

What’s your opinion about these brewpubs and do you agree with the positives and negatives below? Your comments and feedback are valued – please do share on our online Facebook Beer community, Friends Of Froth


MG Road 

Arbor Brewing Company India (Top Tier)

Baltic Porter and Tenderloin

Why – The American IPAs (APA) – the hoppiest in town at 80 IBU  and experimental brews.

Quintessentially American, Arbor has some of the strongest Ales in town (7-8 % ABV) One of the few brewpubs where the sampler has 8 and sometimes 10 different varieties to try. Direct from Ann Arbor Michigan to Bangalore – this is a brewpub with some history behind it. Good ambiance, indoor and outdoor seating, excellent food and decent service are all plus points.

Lighter BeersNo Parking Pilsner, a light bodied German style lager with plenty of carbonation and a mild earthy hop finish. The Belgian styled Brasserie Blonde is hybrid Saison – extremely sessionable due to its mild malt/hop profile with spicy/fruity/notes.

The newly launched Pelican Wheat is brilliant in terms of its sessionability. Wheat based but an American style wheat served with an orange slice. This simply means that the flavors and aromas are malt and hop driven as the yeast strains used do not contribute any significant esters or phenols.  Medium bodied, grainy with a nice light bitter finish.

Pelican Wheat

The Smooth Criminal, Honey Lavender ale is one of their best selling favorites, made with honey and fresh flowers makes it an easy drinking ale.  Organic honey and fresh lavender flowers make this brew a winner! Don’t be fooled by this brew, it’s 8% ABV will creep up on you whilst you’re busy being entangled by its elegance and wonderful floral fragrance.

Hoppy (Bitter) Beers – The Raging Elephant, the best American style IPA (India Pale Ale) in town/India. Heavily loaded with flowery/citrusy/resiny hops, this will tickle your palate and leave a lasting bitter finish. At 80 IBU, this is a must try for all you Hop Heads out there.

Raging Elephant.jpeg

Arbor were serving this as a Nitro IPA – a gas blend of Nitrogen and Co2 that gives you an extremely creamy, smooth mouthfeel now. It does take away a little hop character but that’s perfectly fine. Update – They have gone back to serving without nitro but we say bring the Nitro back!

If you’re fan of session IPAs, Arbor have knocked it out of the park with the Beach Shack IPA – absolutely brilliant use of two of my favorite Hops Citra & Centennial. Aromatic, light bodied, fruity with a short bitter finish. You can drink gallons of this before realizing it is 50 IBU.

Beach Shack.jpeg

Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – The Phat Abbot Tripel is a full bodied strong Belgian Trappist style with plenty of slightly sweet, spicy & fruity notes. Michael Faricy’s Irish Stout is full bodied with a rich creamy nitrogen head and loads of flavor – chocolate and coffee notes from the roasted malt. The head maybe off at times – Arbor has haven’t perfected their nitro system yet but they are getting there!

Specials – Arbor rotates specials on a frequent basis and sometimes has more than one. This brewpub is the definition of innovation when it comes to pushing the envelope. What to watch out for :Double IPA, Buzz Saw IPA, Baltic Porter and Cold War Coffee Stout. If you’re looking to find the most experimental brews, this is the place to find them!  How about a Guava Habanero Ale? (That was once a special).

One of the first in the country to introduce Barrel Aged Sours. Arbor have already released two limited edition Sours aged in Wine barrels. Next up they have specials aging in Whiskey Casks and more specials in Wine casks. Aging takes 6-9 months so one must have a lot of patience but hats off to Arbor for being the first in the country to do so.

Arbor Barrels 2

Current Specials – The Pelican Wheat Ale, Beach Shack IPA

Arbor is also the first brewpub in India to do a collaboration brew with another. In Nov 2015, Arbor teamed up with Gateway Brewing Co in Mumbai to create a new beer.

They are also the first Brewpub in Bangalore to do a collaboration Brew with some of the Craft Beer Enthusiasts in Bangalore from the club I belong to “The Bangalore Brew Crew”. Betel Juice – a lemongrass, betel leaf infused pale ale was brewed by us on Feb 20, 2016 and launched on April 5th. It sold out in 3 weeks!

Beers To Avoid – None. Arbor have stepped up their game in the last few months and improved house beers and the quality of specials, as well. This brewpub is firing on all cylinders.

Beer Cocktails – Arbor now has a fairly new selection of Beer Cocktails designed with the help of Diageo featuring Tanqueray Gin, Ketel One Vodka & Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch & of course a range of Arbor’s Beers.

Food – The food here has to be one of the best across brewpubs in the city.

Do try their Bacon-Chili-Cheese Fries – Beef Chilli, Bacon bits, fries, smothered in cheese and sour cream.For die hard meat lovers, the Sausage Platter will not disappoint either.

Chilli Cheese Bacon Fries.jpeg
Chilli Cheese Bacon Fries – The Bomb

Chicken lovers try the Flaming Chicken and the Drunken Chicken right out of their tandoor oven. Veggies – The Champignon Al Ajillo – spicy grilled mushrooms  and the Mediterranean Plate – hummus platter.

If you have a monster appetite have the Arbor-ger – a 1/4 lb Beef Patty, lettuce, mayo, tomatoes & onion rings inside a spiced Masala bun served with French Fries and a side of slaw.


Other great mains are the whole range of pizzas and the hard to be outdone. Try the “I Like To Party” meat lovers pie. Beef Tenderloin – tenderloin with red wine pepper sauce, mushrooms, pink peppercorns served with a side of lyonnaise potatoes and a a salad.

Arbor Steak.jpg
Beef Tenderloin

Extras – Pick up their T-shirts and Beer Soap on sale to take a piece of the pub home with you!

Location: Magrath Rd, next to Garuda Mall, Opposite HomeStop

Zomato Page: Cick Here

Massive Restaurants – Farzi Cafe & BBQ’D (Top Tier)

Farzi Cafe.jpg

Why – UB City’s first ever Craft Brewery that’s located just adjacent to where the original UB City once stood.  Beers here have been painstakingly conditioned for 21 days (ales), innovative recipes (using local indigenous ingredients and a brewery that is open to collaborations with talented brewers across India and the world.

The first few batches like any new brewery had a few glitches but these have since been ironed out and if you’re looking for a well made Craft Beer,  you can find these beers on tap at Farzi Cafe and BBQ’D (formerly Made In Punjab).

Lighter Beers – Massive Hefeweizen – You can’t go wrong with a German Hefeweizen – the most popular Craft Beer style in India at present.

Pale, straw colored German style wheat-based ale with a hazy appearance, effervescent with a fluffy white foam head. Pleasing to the nose with the essence of banana and wheat (bread) with subtle hints of clove. Well rounded flavors with fruity Banana and a hint of grain sweetness from the wheat. Light to Medium bodied beer with a finish that’s slightly tart but low in bitterness. 10 IBU,


Hoppy Beers – Massive IPA

Rich Deep Amber in color, slightly hazy with a thick collar of foam that stays with your glass till the very end producing rich lacing in the process. Hop aromas dominate with citrus/tropical fruit/floral notes and a slight hint of alcohol on the nose. These are more apparent on warming. A nice slightly grainy mouthfeel with a medium body that starts of with a hint of malt but quickly transitions to a hop forward, short, dry finish with a hint of earthiness.

The first batch didn’t have the right hop aroma profile, this has been fixed now with better hops and updated grain bill for a better flavor profile additionally.


Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – Massive Chocolate Stout

A Stout that is infused with cocoa nibs through and through. Ebony/Dark Brown in color with a dense, creamy, off-white head. Mild roasted grain aroma, with coffee, dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla taking center stage.  Dark roasted grain/malt impression with coffee and chocolate flavors dominate the palate. Medium bodied with a slight amount of sweetness transitioning to a slight bitter finish due to the roasted malts and hops present.


Specials – Masala Saison

Incorporating an Indian twist was central to creation of this recipe. To complement the existing phenolic aromas and flavors from the yeast (pepper and clove), freshly ground pepper and clove are infused into this brew.

Pale, golden ale with high effervescence with a long lasting dense head that is hazy in appearance. Spicy notes of pepper and clove dominate with very subtle hints of citrus (lemons, oranges) mixed in with soft alcohol notes. Medium bodied ale that is high in carbonation, crispy, fruity (citrusy), spicy (peppery & clove) with a grainy mouthfeel that is dry and with a slight bitter finish. This beer has layers of complexity on account of the yeast used and on warming will have some notes of alcohol and a slight amount of tartness on the palate.

Update – The spice mix has been toned down now for a more smoother, balanced hence more refined flavor profile.


Beers to Avoid – None

Food – Farzi and BBQ’D have a wide range of culinary delights to experiment with. At Farzi, try their signature BBQ Pork Belly with pomegranate that pairs well with the Saison or Stout or the Pork Ribs.

The Hefeweizen pairs nicely with the Prawn Tempura with Chile and Lime foam. The IPA will pair with the lamb galouti burger and the chocolate stout is fabulous with any of the chocolate based desserts and the candy floss laden ice cream at BBQ’D

Try this as an experiment. Order a few appetizers and try pairing them with the different Beers to see what works and what doesn’t. Let us know what you tired!

Location:  Level 2, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road.

Zomato Page: Click HERE

The Biere Club (Mid Tier)


Why – Bangalore’s First Brewpub that launched in 2010 and started brewing in 2011. Location, Location, Location – superb location and great food compliment some of the brews on tap. Plenty of seating and an airy patio on their upper level complete the experience.

They typically have a range of Beers in these 6 categories- Ale, Lager, Wheat, Stout, Seasonal & Club Special. The Club Specials are usually the reason one should visit.

BC Beers.jpg

Lighter Beers – Try any of the Lagers, Lite Lagers/Rice Lager and the Hefeweizen/Belgian Wit or the Blonde Ale. The English Browns at Biere Club have the right malt forward profile but seem to be low on the body and high on astringency.

BC Hefe.jpg

Hoppy Beers – The Belgian Strong Ale, Session IPA, Bangalore Red

Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – The Belgian Strong Ale is very nicely done – malt forward and sweet/fruity. The English Stout is mediocre and lacks body.

If you don’t feel like a beer, there are plenty of excellent cocktails, beer cocktails, wines and champagne – a complete experience.

Specials – These keep varying as the beers here tend to be on heavy rotation. They do a wonderful Irish Red (Amber) Ale. Do try their seasonal Mango cider/ale and new for this summer the absolutely refreshing Cucumber Coriander lager.

BC Cucumber Coriander Lager.jpeg
Cucumber Coriander Lager

Beers To Avoid – Use your discretion after ordering a Beer Flight/Sampler. Some of the brews have great aroma and flavor but lack proper body/mouthfeel -there is much room for improvement and this feedback has been passed on to their brewing team several times but they seem to be happy making light bodied beers!

Food – Excellent platters, Fish n Chips, pizzas. They constantly keep introducing new food items to their menu so do ask for this the next time you are there.

Location: Vittal Mallya Road

Zomato Page: Click Here

Bootlegger| Vittal Mallya Road

Bootlegger Interior.jpg


Why -NOT a brewpub but a great selection of bottled craft beers – directly opposite the Biere Club – worth a visit! Small space with good a menu but value for menu.

Don’t miss their Happy Hours that run 7 days a week. Great spot for pre-gaming before you hit the rest of the Lavelle or Vittal Mallya Road strip.

Bottled Beer – Selection varies but a good range from all over the world. Take your pick.

Draught – Standard Kingfisher or Fosters on tap.

Bootlegger Beer.jpg

Beers To Avoid – n/a

Specials – Vast Innovative cocktail menu  with an excellent assortment of bitters & well trained mixologists equals great cocktails. Try something new.

Food – Appetizers are all good here.  Good breakfasts here if you’re up that early and for the mains the Steak is a definite must try.

Bootlegger Breakfast
Bootlegger Steak

Location: Vital Mallya Rd, Opposite the Biere Club.

Zomato Page: Click Here

Indiranagar/Old Airport

Toit (Top Tier)

Toit Red – Amber Ale

Why -One of my favorite brewpubs for multiple reasons. Always busy which only means one thing – they are doing something right! Update – They recently upgraded their brewhouse and had to halt brewing to accommodate this. The system is still settling down and you may see a few Beers off tap – this is just temporary.

Lighter beers – The Tintin Toit, Belgian style Wit – light bodied with citrus and coriander notes. Toit Weiss – sweet, medium bodied with plenty of banana and clove notes – a great take on a Bavarian Hefeweizen and this brew is open fermented at Toit. If you’re really drawing a blank and want the lightest beer on the menu, go for the Basmati Blonde.

Toit Weiss and Tin Tin
Toit Wess & Tin Tin Toit

Hoppy (Bitter) Beers – The Colonial IPA (India Pale Ale), Medium bodied with the bitterness/flavour of hops dominating the finish and my personal Favorite The Toit Red – Caramel notes balanced with a hoppy finish.

Colonial IPA

Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – The Dark Knight, full-bodied with the flavor from the dark roasted malts shining through – subtle hints of chocolate and coffee with a nice creamy mouthfeel with a dry finish. One of the few brewpubs that uses Nitrogen (just like Guinness does) to give you that lovely creamy, frothy head.

Toit Dark Knight.jpg
Dark Knight

Specials – These vary from time to time so keep an eye out for these. My favorites include the Wheat IPA and Chocolate Porter.

Update – Due to capacity issues, Specials have been halted.

Current Special – Please check with your server

Beers to Avoid –  Toit’s brews are usually very consistent. Some of the specials are just so so – always ask for a sampler. Some batches can sometimes have inconsistencies. If a beer tastes off, let the management know.

Food – Appetizers – Loaded Potato Skins, Beef Skewers, Toit Suvanachik. Mains – The wood fired pizzas are great, stuffed chicken and the steak.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Toit Baked Nachos
Baked Nachos
Toit Beef Skeweres
Beef Skewers
Toit Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

Extras – Toit rewards loyalty so download their app and sign up for the Kudix club.  The app tells you which beers are on tap and whey they were tapped, as well as a login screen for loyalty points – nothing wrong with a free beer for every 10 beers purchased! Don’t forget to read their blog and their newspaper and pick up some of their great merchandise – mugs, coasters, lighters, and tees.

Location: 100 FT Road near the CMH Road intersection

Zomato Page: Click Here 

The Beer Cafe | Indiranagar [CLOSED]

The Beer Cafe 2
The Beer Cafe

NOT a brewpub but Beer Cafe serving a selection of brands.

  • A fairly new Beer Cafe Chain that has 50 brands from 17 countries. This is their 25th outlet in India – They currently have 26 brews available with draft beer on the way. A lovely space with bright, modern interiors located just up the road from Pecos. Be patient, more bottled imports are on the way – the delay is due to government delays. On Tap, Kingfisher and Fosters.
  • Innovative Brewtails – Beer Cocktails. Try their version of a re-worked Moscow Mule – vodka, ginger, cucumber, topped up with lager. Absolutely refreshing.
  • Food – The Corn Bhel has to be the ultimate companion whilst drinking Beer!

Location: 100 Ft Road near Toit/Pecos

Zomato Page: Click Here

Bootlegger | Indiranagar

Bootlegger Interior 1

Why -NOT a brewpub but a great selection of bottled craft beers and now Geist Craft Beer on tap.  Great value on Beers, cocktails and food -VFM.

You can sit inside their traditional, rustic pub or enjoy some fresh air in the patio

Bootlegger Outdoor

Don’t miss their Happy Hours that run 7 days a week. Great spot for pre-gaming before you hit the rest of 12the Main or 100 ft Rd.

Bottled Beer – Selection varies but a good range from all over the world and now Craft Beer on tap! Take your pick.

Draught – Commercial -Standard Kingfisher or Fosters on tap. Craft – Geist on tap

3 Geist Variants to Try:

Geist is Karnataka’s first production Craft Brewery from the same folks who brew at Brewsky and were behind Geist bottled Beers a few years ago. It’s exciting to have local Craft Beer on tap at a regular bar/pub/restaurant and not just a brewpub.

Well made Beers and you can tell by looking at them – look at the carbonation and lacing

Dot try the samplers first before deciding what suits your palate the best.

Sampler Geist.jpeg

Weiss Guy (Hefeweizen)

A bit lighter in body and clearer that a traditional German Hefeweizen but the same aroma & flavor profile form your Hefe yeast – banana esters with clove phenols steal the show here. Well made.

Witty Wit

If you’re a fan of Hoegaarden or Bira White, then this is the Craft Beer for you – a Belgian style wit that is lighter in body, wheat based with hints of fruits, orange and coriander on the nose and on the palate. Delightfully refreshing.

Uncle Dunkel

Not to be confused with a Stout, this is the darker version of a Hefeweizen known as a Dunkelweizen and is made with darker malts resulting in more complexity on the palate. All the signature bready sweet notes, fruity esters, spicy phenols plus loads of caramel. A little lighter on body that a typical Dunkelweizen but well made.

Beers To Avoid – n/a

Specials – Vast Innovative cocktail menu  with an excellent assortment of bitters & well trained mixologists equals great cocktails. Try something new.

Food – Appetizers are all good here.  Good breakfasts here if you’re up that early and for the mains the Steak is a definite must try, as well as their pizzas.

Location: 80 ft Rd, Indiranagar, next to Lazy Suzy.

Zomato Page: Click HERE

Murphy’s Brewhouse (Mid Tier)

Why – If you live in Koramangala, you’re out of luck for decent Craft Beer. The closest brewpub with half decent beers is Murphy’s.

The Brews – 4 main brews on tap.


Paddy’s Poison – Golden/Amber, creamy ale – similar to an Irish Red or an American Pale Ale – malty with a nice hoppy finish.

murphys 6
Holy Sally – Their version of a Belgian Wit – disappointing as the beer lacked body – the flavors are bit strange- Cinnamon and Coriander don’t gel well and these overpower the brew. Definitely a recipe that the brewmaster needs to rework.

murphy's 3
Good Golly – Standard Lager – great tasting and perfect for a summer day.

murphys 5
Black Beard – Irish Stout – Excellent – rich, creamy, perfect head – smoky with a hint of caramel and that wholesome chocolate bitterness. This is their best brew.

murphys 4

Beers to Avoid –  None.

Food – Standard pub grub. The South Indian dishes here are what the Paul hotel is know for. My favorite – the Kerala Beef Fry.

Location: The Paul Hotel, Domlur Inner Ring Road.

Zomato Page: Click Here


Prost (Mid Tier)


Why – Prost has gone through its ups and downs and if you’re in Koramangala, you don’t have a vast choice when it comes to Craft Beer.

On a recent visit, we found that standards have improved and they brewer is making a conscientious effort to improve quality and consistency.  They still have a bit of work to do to catch up with the rest of the pack but great effort.

This picture says it all – great lacing and a well made Beer!


The interiors at Prost are a bit of a let down – it’s a little overdone with the industrial theme making them feel a bit too grungy.

Beers  To Try- The lager had a nice malty note, decent carbonation but a slightly better body would have really made this beer shine.

The Hefeweizen is right on the money – bubble gum and banana on the nose, on the sweet side – nicely done. A few more tweaks and they are there – as good as Toit’s Weiss. A little bit more body would have done the trick.

The English Dark Ale  – malty with a nice Hoppy backbone thanks to your classic English hops. Once a again, a slightly heavier body would have made this even more better.

The Stout is perfect in terms of flavor but under carbonated – thanks to equipment issues. If they had this on nitro, it would have rivaled Toit’s Dark Knight. . .

Beers To Avoid-The Cider (technically not a beer bur rather a fermented fruit beverage) – too sweet and pack ng that depth, dryness and effervescence you typically associate with English dry Ciders or even Pune’s Doolally Cider

Food- Nachos and the Chilli Pork – Excellent. Do try Prost’s Pizzas. Service – efficient

Location- 80 Foot Road

Zomato Page – Click Here

Biggie By The Beer Cafe

Biggie Interiors

Why – Not a brewpub but a Beer Cafe that will have up to 30 different types of Beer. Spread over almost 5,000 sq ft, this two storey pub/bar has several chill out spaces, a co-working space (Biggie@Work), a pool table, comfy couches/sofas, an outdoor garden complete with a sit-out and a balcony with a bar and sit-out.

If you’re in Koramangala and stuck for choices on Beers and don’t like the brewpubs in the area, you’re not alone – give Biggie a try – Domestic bottles, Imports and some draft lagers on tap and the food here compliments the Beers and is of good quality.

Location: 80 food Rd, next to Banjara Melting Pot.

Big Brewsky (Top Tier)

Big B

The Brewing Team here has changed and are settling in hence the shortage of Beers on tap. You can currently get either a German Hefeweizen on tap or a Belgian Wit (with a twist – an Indian spice mix in addition to the usual coriander and orange peel), as well as a few others on tap – IPA, Porter and a mango beer too. New variants are being worked on.

Various issues with existing equipment and a high demand for Beer are also responsible for a lack of Beer on tap. The brewhouse has been upgraded with new massive 20 HL Fermenters & BBTS (Bright Beer Tanks for conditioning) that will enable the brewers to increase and maintain their output. The new tanks and brewhouse have been installed, and the system is full operational, so look for more beers on tap going forward.

(Click on images to expand)

Why – You can’t beat the ambiance Big Brewsky has – a fabulous Koi pond surrounds the property with plenty of open air seating and no matter where you sit, you are guaranteed a great view. With a new rooftop space and garden, there are plenty of choices. Big Brewsky recently launched BigNewSky – a revamped look, a new food & cocktail menu and more Beers on tap. The ambiance is even better now.

You must check out the gorgeous “Beer Shrine”. Every Beer Geek in India needs to see this wonderful space decked out with stained glass windows that honor Hops, Yeast and Malt and the church like benches and doorways.

Beer Shrine

Beers on Tap – .At the moment you usually find three to five beers on tap. If they don’t have beer, there are bottled beers you can choose from.

Light Beers – Belgian Wit, Hefeweizen, Blonde, Kolsch

Hoppy (Bitter) Beers –  Session IPA – dry hopped but low in IBU (Bitterness)

Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – Porter/Stout

Specials – These keep varying. Please call before you go to see what’s on offer.

motueka pa
Motueka Pale Ale

Current Special – Call Ahead to find out.

Beers to Avoid – Beers here for the most part are well made. If you do feel you’ve come across a bad batch, please let management know but please understand your Beer styles before raising a red flag. There are always bottled Beers to choose if you don’t like what’s on tap!

Food – The food here is excellent – pizzas and platters are great! Do try their brand new menu created by celebrity Master Chef Saby. For appetizers try the appetizer with the Wasabi peas.

Do try some of their signature cocktails – The Old Pal with coffee and vodka is something else!

Location: Sarjapur Rd, Before the Wipro Corporate Office.

Zomato Page: Click Here


JP Nagar

Brewsky (Top Tier)

Brewsky Deck


Why – Definitely one of the better brewpubs in Bangalore and of my new favorites. An amazing rooftop with some wonderful brews on tap. This is one brewpub that really is worth the trip and definitely Worth The Froth.

Brewsky just one the “Best IPA” award at the recent IBC Craft Beer Invitational Competition by beating several other brewpubs in India and the current Best Brewpub according to the Times Food Awards.

Light Beers – The Summer ale, Kolsch, Belgian Blonde, Hefeweizen, Belgian Wit are all excellent – balanced, flavorful, light/medium bodied with the right amount of carbonation.

Hoppy (Bitter) Beers – IPA, Amber Ale. The IPA is definitely one of the better ones in town specifically if you don’t like overly bitter brews. At 40-50 IBU, this is half the bitterness of the Raging Elephant at Arbor. Amber Ales tend to have some sweetness from caramel malts and a hoppy profile. Keep an eye out for specials such as the ESB is one for anyone who is fan of English Style Bitters.

Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – The Stout/Rauch Bier/Dunkel/Weizenbock/Belgian Strong see what’s on tap and order accordingly

Specials – Saisonsone of the few brewpubs that does a Saison. Their Cucumber Saison is something you should not miss. Off tap now but they did have a Cucumber Lager this year. Saisons are light, slightly spicy, dry summer ales that sometimes have peppery notes.  Some of the other specials are seasonal brews released for holidays/festivals.

Current Special – Please call ahead to find out. There is a Hommel (Belgian Pale Ale) on tap currently.

Beers to Avoid – None – Beers here are consistently good – great flavors, body and carbonation. Some of their specials may be just so-so. If you find a horrible Beer here, please comment!

Food – Standard Pub Grub – stick to the basics. The food here has improved considerably over the past 2 years. You can’t go wrong with the peanut masala, pizza, chilli chicken and so forth.

Location: 19th Main Road, JP Nagar

Zomato Page: Click Here


Old Madras Road/Whitefield

3 Monkeys Brewpub (Top Tier) – [Re-Opened]


Why -3 Monkeys Brewpub has a club like ambiance which is great if you want to shake the blues away at any time of day but the star attraction here is the variety of expertly brewed European styled brews. If you are fan of German Bocks (lagers that are stronger than traditional lagers up to 8% ABV) and Belgian/English ales then this is the place to be!

Light Beers –  The Belgian Session Ale (light bodied) and their Hefeweizen (medium bodied with lots of banana and clove notes) are the brews for you. Cider lovers who like a cider on the tart/sour side, 3 Monkeys has a Mango Cider made with freshly squeezed Alphonso mangoes. These are lighter in body and on the sweeter/maltier side with low hop content. Ciders are never made with hops and are basically fermented fruity brews.

Hoppy (Bitter) Beers – These vary depending on the brewpubs brewing schedule but typically the Hopfenweizen is a wheat ale loaded with hops – IPA and Hefeweizen lovers make note! 3 Monkeys has a milder less bitter version of the Hopfenweizen – the Wheat IPA which has American hops (citrus, tropial fruit aromas). The Wheat IPA is now a standard house Beer. Heavily dry hopped but low on the bitterness.

Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – If you like a stronger wheat beer then try the Weizenbock – same notes as a wheat ale but with a higher alcohol content with slightly sweeter notes coming from caramelized malt that is also used along with wheat. 3 Monkeys have now started using a Belgian Yeast Strain for the Weizenbock – it now resembles a Belgian Tripel with lots of fruity/spicy/funky notes on the nose and palate. This is one strong brew and definitely of the best Beers on tap here.


Doppelbock – a much stronger version of a bock (dopple meaning double) and the version at 3 Monkeys is dark with a heavy malt character, sweet/fruity with low bitterness. This is a good alternative to a Stout. Check for availability – typically available during October .

New Nitro Stout – 3M has finally invested in a Nitrous system for their new Stout. Stay tuned for tasting notes.

Specials – These vary – Some of my favorites include the Irish Red, Scotch Ale and Wheat IPA.

Current Special – None

Beers to Avoid – None of the Beers have been off so far. The Mango cider is sometimes a bit too tart depending on the batch.

Food – 3 Monkeys is one of the only few pubs that does an authentic Canadian Poutine. Poutine is made with french fries topped with cheese curds (similar to cottage cheese) smothered with gravy (typically made from Beef stock). Ask  your server if this is available. Veg/Non Veg Platters are great. Excellent Veg and Non-Veg Pizzas, Chicken kababs and my all time favorite – their Kerala Beef and the Pickled Beef.

Extras – Sign up for the Beerocrat program – you pay a one time sign up free. Benefits include discounted prices on all craft brews as well some freebies. Ask your server about the program and sign up!

Location: Gopalan Signature Mall, Old Madras Road.

Zomato Page: Click Here

Windmills Craftworks (Top Tier)


Why – A bit far away for those not in Whitefield but worth the drive. Definitely the classiest brewpub in town which also doubles as a jazz venue. We call it the “Ritz” of brewpubs. The brews here are some of the best – consistent and well balanced. The staff are well trained and one of the few brewpubs where they can actually walk you through a flight of beers! Well done Windmills.

Windmills Interiors 1Windmills ExteriorWindmills DeckWindmills Interiors

Light Beers – Helles, Blonde, Vienna Ale, Hefeweizen. The Hefe is definitely one of the best in town – perfectly brewed with plenty of banana and clove notes with the right body/mouthfeel. The Munich style Helles is on tap quite often. Helles means’light’ – straw colored, low ABV lager with a very mild malt profile, crispy , dry with a lot less bitterness when compared to a German or Czech style Pilsner. This is a sessionable summer beer. If this isn’t available, choose the blonde. The blonde is a malt forward, sessionable summer beer and the brewers here usually experiment with different “fruity” hops making each batch different.

Windmills Hefe.jpeg

Hoppy (Bitter) Beers –IPA. Well balanced with a hop forward (bitter) finish. If you like American styled IPA’s you will like this beer. Once again Windmills have done a great job with their IPA – not as heavy on IBUs as Arbor but still dry hopped and loaded with American ‘C’ hops giving you plenty of citrusy/grapefruit/piney/resiny notes and flavor. The key here is malt balance – there is bitterness but this is off set with a malty backbone.

Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers  – Try the Dunkel (Dark) Weizen, Coconut Porter & Stout. All of these are brewed true to style and are well balanced. The Stout is typically the house beer and is on nitro.

Specials – An excellent selection of specials that vary. Most memorable so far – The Rauchbier (the malt used for this brew is smoked over beechwood) has lots of smoky bacon like notes – a fantastic dark ale. The last batch of their White IPA was absolutely brilliant – essentially a hoppy Belgian Wit.  The recent ESB was true to style and wonderfully hand crafted. Please check for the current specials on tap.

Windmills ESB.jpg

Current Special –  One of their best was the SMaSH (Single Malt, Single Hop) Pale Ale – Maris Otter Malt & Simcoe (Sold Out). These specials keep rotating on a fairly regular basis. Call ahead for what’s on tap as a special.

Windmills Smash IPA

Beers to Avoid – None

Food – Try their burgers, sandwiches, ribs and fiddle around with their IPad ordering system! It’s a small concise menu. Ask for their lunch specials.



Windmills Beef
Beef Picante
Windmills Cheesy Garlic Bread
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Windmills Nachos


Extras – Happy Hours do happen during weekdays and late nights – ask your server for details and if available.  Windmills has a loyalty program and they do conduct Brewery tours from time to time. Please ask your server for more details.

Location: EPIP Area, Next to KTPO.

Zomato Page: Click Here

Biergarten (Top Tier)


Why – Think Germany and traditional Beer gardens. Take that image and update the look and feel and what you get is a 14,000 sq ft, spacious, open air Craft Beer garden spread over two levels in Whitefield.

A brewpubs focus should be on it’s Craft Beer. At the Biergarten you will find traditional German style brews made with imported ingredients from Germany. There will be 4 Beers on tap. Currently there are 4 Beers on tap with plans to add one more tap. Pair your Beers with some great food, great ambiance and you’ve got a winning combination.


Light Beers – The regular lager is clean, golden in color, crispy, malty and light bodied making it an ideal beer for session drinking (you can have more than 1 pint in one sitting).

Ales – The traditional German style Hefeweizen is a beer everyone across India savors. This ale is straw colored & cloudy with a nice fluffy head. On the nose, you get those signature esters – banana dominates with some citrus undertones. On the palate – sweet and bready with banana notes, finishing with a slight bit of tartness and is low in bitterness. This ale is definitely sessionable.

Hoppy (Bitter) Beers – The Amber (Strong) Lager uses caramel malts giving it a lovely amber color with plenty of toffee and caramel on the nose and palate. The sweetness from the malt is balanced with the earthy/herbal German noble hops used, giving you a smooth, medium bodied, well rounded beer that finishes slightly bitter.

They have released a hoppy, extremely sessionable Pale Ale – plenty of hop character, good malt forward balance with low bitterness. This is a winner for Bangalore.

Biergarten IPA.jpg
Pale Ale/IPA

If you want a Beer with a heavier malt backbone and you’re a fan of Amber/Reds & love Caramel notes balanced out with a nice dose of American citrusy/floral hopes, do try the new American Red. Comparable to the Irish Red at Toit (even though not the same style) and the Amber Ale at Brewsky – SOLD OUT

Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – The Dunkel is made with darker malts making it dark brown in color with an off white head and giving it a slightly heavier body with roasted notes on the nose and a smooth, a sweet profile on the palate but with low bitterness. Once again this is a beer that is sessionable.

Specials –  Milk Stout & Kolsch (Sold Out)

New Specials for Oktoberfest – Marzen & Weizenbock – On tap Sep 22nd. 

Beers to Avoid –None at the moment. Since this a new brewpub, please bear in mind they may face a few teething issues ranging from equipment to demand and batch variations. If you find a Beer off, please flag down a staff, ask for the manager or the brewer and explain your concerns.

Food – 

The menu here is concise with a good choice of Continental, Asian & Indian food.  Both our visits took place during lunch time and we skipped the appetizers and sank into the mains directly but do try the varied range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian  appetizers including their sausages and dimsums.

Try the Feta & Mushrooms appetizer – pairs very well with the lager, kolsch or any light bodied, spritzy beer.

BG Feta & Mushrooms

Mains – If you’re a pulled pork burger fan, you’re in luck. The Pulled Pork Burger here is out of this world – slow cooked pulled pork, red onions, cheddar, tomatoes, dill pickles, basil smothered in barbecue sauce in between a sesame bun served along with a helping of crispy, spice dusted French fries. The portions here are substantial. Compliment this burger with the Amber lager

Try the Grilled Chicken Breast – served with a rich, creamy Dijon mustard sauce with baby potatoes, grilled vegetables is excellent as is the Grilled Fish with capers and a sauce made with olives served with grilled vegetables and potatoes. Pair both of these dishes with the Hefeweizen.

Extras – Ask for their loyalty program. Samplers here are free – so please ask for sampler before ordering a pint. Pints are slightly larger at 550 ml. Keep an eye for Happy Hour specials.

Location – Adjacent to Oliver’s Pub, Whitefield Main Road opposite the Shell Pump.

Zomato Page – Click Here

153 Biere Street (Mid Tier)

Mezze Platter

Why – An unmatched atmosphere – feels very European – great outdoor space. My recommendations are similar to the Biere Club – so read that first. Biere Street is a complete experience with shopping, other restaurants  and a wonderful sit out and garden area.

They typically have a range of Beers in these 6 categories- Ale, Lager, Wheat, Stout, Seasonal & Club Special

Light Beers – Lite Lager, Blonde Ale, Hefeweizen, Belgian Wit.

Hoppy (Bitter) Beers – The Session IPA, Bangalore Red.

Strong/Dark /Full Bodied Beers – English Stout and the Belgian Strong Ale.

Specials – The Beers here tend to be on heavy rotation. So keep an eye out for their specials. The Mango Biere is one seasonal you must try.

Beers to Avoid – Watch out for inconsistencies and off flavors. Please let the management know if you feel a Beer isn’t what it is made out to be.

If you don’t feel like a beer, there are plenty of excellent cocktails, beer cocktails, wines and champagne – a complete experience.

Food – Platters, Fish N Chips, Pizzas. The food choice here is excellent. You can’t go wrong with this.

Location: Behind Forum Value Mall

Zomato Page: Click Here

The Beer Cafe| Vr Mall

Beer Cafe VR Mall
Image Courtesy: Manish MK

NOT a brewpub but Beer Cafe serving a selection of brands.

  • A fairly new Beer Cafe Chain that has 50 brands from 17 countries. This is their brand new outlet at VR Mall – They currently have 22 brews available with draft beer on the way. A lovely space with bright, modern interiors located just up the road from Pecos. Be patient, more bottled imports are on the way – the delay is due to government delays. On Tap, Kingfisher and Fosters.
  • Innovative Brewtails – Beer Cocktails. Try their version of a re-worked Moscow Mule – vodka, ginger, cucumber, topped up with lager. Absolutely refreshing.
  • Food – The Corn Bhel has to be the ultimate companion whilst drinking Beer!
  • Check out their range of Beer merchandise -their new BeerOSphere collection – great souvenirs for all Beer Geeks!

Location: VR Mall, Whitefield

Zomato Page: Click Here



District 6 (Top Tier)


Why – If you go to Orion mall then give this brewpub a whirl. The only brewpub in town that follows the German purity law. With a brewmaster trained in Germany, some of the best brewing equipment in the world from Kaspar Schultz and German Weyermann hops and malt, you can expect quality brews. Couple that with award-winning interiors that even include private dining areas, you have a top notch classy brewpub. They love doing Lagers for the most part so expect several variations on Lagers and on the Ale front – limited to Hefeweizens/Wheat Ales.

The Beers here are consistent and you have 6 Beers on tap.

Light Beers – D6 Radler, D6 Lager and D6  Wheat. The Radler is the lightest brew – very similar to a Lemon Shandy with Grapefruit. The Liberator Lager and The Chief Weiss are great session brews that are easy drinking and slightly sweet on the palate.

Hoppy (Bitter) Beers – D6 Strong Ale – Very similar to an Amber Ale with plenty of malt sweetness balanced by the bitterness from the Noble hops used.

Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – D6 Strong Wheat -Weizen Bock & D6 Dark (similar to a Stout)

Specials – You tend to get specials during festivals such as Oktoberfest and Christmas.

Beers to Avoid – None.

Food – D6 has a very wide variety of food to choose from. For an authentic German experience, choose the items from their German menu. They do nice sandwiches, steaks, risottos & pizzas here and there are a few Indian items to choose from, as well.

New on the menu are items made with Beer – from Bread made with Malt to a pizza made with Malt to Beer sauces and batters, D6 has made an attempt to incorporate Beer into recipes!


Location: Sheraton Hotel, Orion Mall

Zomato Page:  Click Here

The Beer Cafe | Orion Mall

Beer Cafe Orion Mall

NOT a brewpub but Beer Cafe serving a selection of brands.

  • A fairly new Beer Cafe Chain that has 50 brands from 17 countries. This is their brand new outlet in Bangalore. A lovely space with bright, modern interiors located conveniently inside Orion Mall with a great view of the landscape/lake in front of the mall.  On Tap, Kingfisher and Fosters. Craft Beer on Tap – Geist.
  • Innovative Brewtails – Beer Cocktails. Try their version of a re-worked Moscow Mule – vodka, ginger, cucumber, topped up with lager. Absolutely refreshing.
  • Food – The Corn Bhel has to be the ultimate companion whilst drinking Beer!

Location: Orion Mall

Zomato Page: Click Here




The Druid Garden (Top Tier)


Why – One of Bangalore’s newest brewpubs that opened their doors in 2016 and the first brewpub with authentic Czech style beers. The brewer here is from Czech and so to some of the equipment and all the raw materials that go into making these brews.

DG Bar.jpeg


The interiors are spacious and very well done with plenty of attention to detail. This is also the first brewpub with a retractable roof. A garden area on the rooftop is still under construction and will be completed soon.

(Click on images to expand)

Quality brews, great ambiance, attention to detail and great service make this brewpub a must visit if you are in the area or better yet on the way to the airport before you catch a flight!

They have 5 beers on tap currently but will scale this to up to 8 beers on tap shortly. The brewery capacity is large and they can easily cope with demand and have enough tanks to ensure every beer is matured/conditioned right.

Beer Flight

Lighter Beers – The Czech Pilsner is by far the most authentic Czech style pilsner you can find in Bangalore. Malt forward, crispy light, well carbonated with the right Saaz hop finish. You do get a nice hint of sweetness from the malt in the finish. My personal favorite and something that goes down easily.

The Hefeweizen – You’re all used to Hefewizens but this one has a fruitier ester component not just bananas but mixed fruits and the clove /spice aroma is present in the background. Slightly heavier bodied than most Hefe’s, this has the right flavor profile and is literally a meal in itself.

Hoppy Beers – IPA on tap now – Hopped with American and German hops to give you loads of orange and strawberries on the nose. Medium bodied with a lingering bitter finish. IBU ~ 40


Strong/Dark/Full Bodied Beers – Bohemian Lager – No, this is not a Stout but a dark lager with plenty of dark chocolate and caramel notes but is light bodied and easy to drink. Very similar to the Dunkel lager at Biergarten and District 6.

Specials – Dunkelweizen & Rauchbier (call ahead), Holiday Stout

Druid Dunkelweizen.jpeg

Beers To Avoid –  None. If you do find a Beer that tastes off or strange, please bring this to the attention of the managers.

Food –  The food here is good overall. Excellent pizzas with imported meats and an excellent range of continental and Indian mains.. Equipped with a state of the art kitchen and highly experienced chefs, this is gourmet brewpub dining at best.


Location: Sahakaranagar Main Rd

Read the complete in-depth blog post HERE

Zomato Page: Click Here

Top Tier Brewpubs 

From the list above these are the Top Tier brewpubs based on beer quality, batch consistency and overall service, (in no particular order):

  • Windmills Craftworks
  • Biergarten
  • Toit
  • Arbor Brewing Co
  • Massive Restaurants (Farzi Cafe & BBQ’D)
  • Brewsky – JP Nagar
  • Big Brewsky – Sarjapur Rd.
  • The Druid Garden
  • District 6

Bottom Tier Brewpubs 

Image result for sucks

The brewpubs not on the list above are not there for a reason. Please note that brewpubs yet to be visited are not part of this grouping.

There are also new brewpubs which are still perfecting their batches – hence not mentioned in the detailed reviews above.

Several are run as businesses focusing only on revenue, with no central focus on their brews and this reflects in the quality of the product – inconsistent batches, brews that do not reflect the flavor profiles of the styles they are based of. These brewpubs need to step up their game if they want to survive in the long run. Some have one or two good beers but fall short on the rest. Others aren’t up to par by any means.

That being said – we understand that they may be challenges the brewer faces with equipment, keeping up with demand and managerial issues however a better effort can be made by these institutions to improve quality. Calling your self a Craft Brewery is only valid if you make the effort to serve artisanal brews without cutting corners. Otherwise you may as well join the rest of the bars and serve us regular bottled/draft beers.

How do we fix these issues? If brewpubs are open to constructive feedback from fellow brewers and beer enthusiasts and if we can all work as a family to help each other get better, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Image Courtesy:

Complete Listing – All of Bangalore’s Brewpubs

Coasters – Taken with my Nexus 5

Craft Beer Map


  1. Toit – Indiranagar.
  2. Windmills Craftworks – Whitefield
  3. Arbor Brewing Company – Brigade Road
  4. 3 Monkeys Brewpub – Old Madras Road {Re-opened}
  5. District 6 – Malleswaram
  6. Big Pitcher – Old Airport Road
  7. The Biere Club – Vittal Mallya Road
  8. The Biere Club at 153 Biere Street – Whitefield
  9. Murphy’s Brewhouse – Domlur
  10. Vapour – Indiranagar
  11. Brewsky – JP Nagar
  12. Big Brewsky – Sarjapur
  13. Barleyz – Koramangala
  14. Prost – Koramangala
  15. Punjabi by Nature – Koramangala/BTM Layout
  16. *Punjabi by Nature – Whitefield {Under Rennovation}
  17. Biere Republic – Church Street {CLOSED}
  18. Euphoria –  U4IA – New BEL Road. {CLOSED}
  19. Bangalore Brew Works – Residency Rd. Started Brewing Sep 2015.
  20. *The BrewMaster Bangalore – KR Puram Lake/Whitefield Area – Soft Launch Feb 2016 and are Brewing. Rumor that they have ceased operations. {CLOSED}
  21. The Brew and Barbeque – ORR/Mahadevapura – Inside Soul Space – Soft Launch Mar 4, 2016. Beers on tap June, 2016.
  22. Farzi Cafe – UB City – Open, June 27th.  Beers on tap – July 2017. Made In Punjab (now rebranded as BBQ’D)- UB City – Open Sep, 26th. Beers on tap –  July 2017.
  23. Bieregarten Brewery and Kitchen – Whitefield – Open July, 2016. Beers on tap – October 2016.
  24. The Whitefield Arms – Whitefield – Open June, 2016 – Waiting on license – Beers on tap – Q3 2017.
  25.  The Druid Garden – Sahakara Nagar – Open November 2016 – Beers on Tap – May 10 2017.
  26.  Brewklyn Microbrewery – Kalyan Nagar – Open December 2016 – Beers on Tap Now
  27.  Hoot – Sarjapur Road – Open  December 23 – Beers on Tap Now
  28. Communiti – Residency Road – Open January 7 – Beers On Tap – Q4 2017
  29.  Red Rhino — Whitefield- Open March 2017 – Beers on tap July 2017.
  30. Brew Meister – JP Nagar -Open July 2017 – Waiting on Brewing License
  31. Geist – Hoskote – Production Craft Brewery – Now Serving local pubs & bars – Brewing August 2017
  32. *The Yellow Submarine Beer Deck – Bannerghata Road – Open March 2017 – Beers On Tap – ~ Q1 2018
  33. *Vapour Sarjapur – Sarjapur Road – Open October 2017
  34. La Casa – Central Jail Road Off Sarjapur Road – Beers on tap Late October 2017
  35. *The Pallet Brewhouse & Kitchen – Whitefield – Open – Beers on tap Q1 2018
  36. Wanderers Craft Brewery & Artisan Cafe – Kalyan Nagar – Open December 2017, Beers On Tap Now

* indicates brewpubs yet to be visited

For news of other projects and other Beer/Craft Beer gossip, please visit “The Rumor Mill”.

 Opening in 2018

  • The Arena (Pyramid Shaped)- Indiranagar
  • Unnamed Project (Next to MTR) – Indiranagar
  • Playboy Beer Garden – Indiranagar
  • Unnamed Project – (Near Koramangala Club) – Koramangala
  • Unnamed Project – (Close to Social) – Koramangala
  • Brooks And Bonds – (Close to Tanishq) – Koramangala
  • Biergarten 2 – Koramangala
  • Unnamed Project – ORR
  • Unnamed Project – Adj to Prestige Shantiniketan – Whitefield
  • The Alchemist (Rooftop Chancery Pavilion) – Residency Road
  • Unnamed Project (JW Marriott) – Vital Mallya Road
  • Unnamed Project – BTM Layout
  • The Pump House – JP Nagar
  • Rig (The Berries Hotel) – Sarjapur
  • Aurum Brew Works – Sarjapur
  • Biere Republic – Sarjapur’
  • Big Brewsky Project– Hennur

All Images – Courtesy Tales Of Froth. Cheers & Stay Frothy




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